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DEKKO Art Studio

Wearable Art Leggings : Sweet Talker



DEKKO's Sweet Talker Wearable Art Leggings are the OG of the Sweet Talker series, paving the way in bright contrasting hues. The bright reds steal their gaze, while the deep indigo makes it linger. Look a bit closer and you'll see a hazy palm print patterned across both legs. Let the cool summer breeze drift you into a new mindset. You are, of course, the sweetest of talkers.

Model is 5'6" wearing a size x-small.

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• High waistband available (see size guide)
• Machine washable without fading
• Material stretches and then bounces back
• Inner back pocket in high waist cut
• Precision-cut and hand-sewn in California
• Hand-painted by DEKKO