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Made to hug all manner of shapes and sizes with a unisex fit.  
Printed and handmade in L.A., every pair is an original. Unique to you. 

Wearable Art Leggings : Bounce back "Photoshop" technology 

Buttery-soft, flattering shape retention and fabric that bounces back even after countless wears. We call this Four-Way Stretch and it lifts and all the right places. 

How + When + Where + Who : A new perspective  

We believe our leggings can and should be worn anytime for any purpose. Customers enjoy while wearing their leggings for: yoga, pilates, running, kickboxing, roller derby, and dance. But don't be fooled, these are not just workout leggings.

DEKKO leggings are most often worn by our customers as pants. Style them for work, a night out dancing or a brunch date with mum. Non-gender, non-demographic, and not confined by the norm. Because why limit style?

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