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DEKKO is a non-gender, non-demographic lifestyle brand creating products and clothing not confined by the norm. Because why limit style? 

Wearable Art Leggings:
 are buttery-soft, stretchy but bounce by after many wears, and very comfortable. Because of the way we print them, no two are alike, with our hand-illustrations looking a little different on each pair. Unique to You. 

How + When to wear: We believe our leggings can and should be worn anytime for any purpose. And some of the most common actives our customers enjoy while wearing our leggings are; yoga, pilates, running, kickboxing, roller derby, and dance. But don't be fooled, these are not just workout leggings. DEKKO leggings are most often worn by our customers as pants, yep pants, to work or out dancing or on a lunch date with your mum.

Welcome to a new world in leggings. 

  • Legging Waist

  • Top Style

  • Phone Type