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DEKKO Art Studio

Framed Art Print : Ego + Id



DEKKO's Ego + Id are two elongated figures embodying Freud's model of the psyche. The fire-haired figures gaze deep into each other's eyes, symbolizing the way different parts of our beautifully complex minds interact and unify. Ego, the realistic part of us, is constantly rationalizing with Id, our instincts, in our subconscious. Open your mind to its own intricacies and walk down the mirrored, olive path of Ego + Id. 

Hand illustrated archival silk screen print by DEKKO artist Kristin Burnett. Fame include.

• Framed finished size : 18" x 24" 
• Silk Screen Printed on archival museum quality paper
• Alder, Semi-hardwood black frame
• Black in color
• .75” thick with an acrylite front protector
• Lightweight (no glass)
• Hanging hardware included with frame