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Looking For Cool Sh*t??? Try DEKKO ART

Review by Hello Betty | February 2018
Today I wanted to share with you a super cute shirt and really explains well how I feel today! “I’m A Happy-Go-Lucky Ray of Fucking Sunshine“. I think that we all can relate to this shirt here and there and I think it is just so cute.
I love shirts that are different from others and this baby is perfect if you are looking for something not everyone has.
This shirt comes from a site called DEKKO Art Studio which I must admit I am kinda in love with all of their styles!! The one thing that I look for when I am purchasing shirts online is just how well they are sized and the most important thing to me is how much they shrink.

I received a medium since I am well endowed in the boobies area and found that the shirt fits perfectly. I also had no problem washing and drying this shirt and keeping it the right size. Below you will find pictures of the front and back of the shirt. all honesty, I adore this shirt.
I would highly recommend checking out all the styles at DEKKO Art and certainly check out this shirt. It never hurts to wear how you feel on your check..LOL..No in all honesty, I adore this shirt. It is comfortable and fits perfectly. I don’t think you will be disappointed at all with any purchase.
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