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DEKKO Wearable Art Patterned Legging Tights: The Bees Freaking Knees

Published on September 02 2017

DEKKO Wearable Art Tights


You don’t want to let go of the freedoms and comforts of summertime - late nights, sleeping-in, traveling, and bonfires on the beach. But as fall approaches, “Back-to-School” is now a reality. Summer has passed, and unless you are forced to wear a school uniform, the ability to make your own clothing choices each morning leaves you free to design your own style. 


The freedom of summer is embodied in your fall fashions. The freedom to express yourself through clothing matters. And you are free to choose where you shop, what you pair into outfits, and how much you spend. Freedom of choice is the ultimate freedom. 

Why choose our DEKKO Wearable Leggings/Tights? Because our tights are unique with multiple patterns, colors, and sizes. They will set you free.


Most knowledge and interest in tights is due to Nike, who introduced high-quality, compression tights, which shape and support bodies of all types and sizes around the globe. The popularity of tights has increased in the last decade. The solid black legging was the only option at the outset, but has evolved into a wide range of options, all considered "leggings + tights." 


Tights later developed into fashion wear, rather than being relegated to the fitness world. They moved out gyms, yoga studios, and and into the street. It was suddenly cool to wear one pair of tights on the running track and another the next day with heels for dancing on a date. 


Exclusive to the DEKKO Art Studio, our Wearable Art leggings make every day special. They are top brand tights with thick but breathable fabric, silky smooth texture, and compression technology. Made to order in California! 

Feel comfortable wearing them as tights to the gym, dance practice, or yoga studio. Feel the freedom of wearing them as leggings without worrying about breaking school dress codes. The designs and colors emphasize the pants themselves and keep you feeling confident and never self-conscious or over-exposed. 

Exclusivity, comfort, on-trend style, and a flexible addition to any wardrobe – that’s what you get with each pair of DEKKO Wearable Art tights. They are perfect for women and girls of all ages. 

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