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DEKKO, Art Made For Exploring: A Trip Around The World

Published on November 23 2017

DEKKO’s Communications Specialist, Savannah, went on a ten-day excursion to Australia, taking DEKKO’s versatile collection along for the adventure.


September through November is Australia’s spring season, a perfect limbo between the scorching heat of summer and high winds of winter- well, as winter as it gets in places south of the equator. That’s why I chose this month to visit Australia, land of the Outback, for ten days, squeezing every last ounce of adventure I could into every waking second.

The flight there was no joke, and as I sit here writing this on a Boeing 737 from LA to DC, the trip home is a trek in itself. Thinking it would be an experience to book our flights to fully circle the world, we came up with our en route travel itinerary- Tampa to JFK, JFK to Germany, Germany to Singapore, and finally- Singapore to Cairns. Just thinking about it brings back severe memories of pure exhaustion.

The flights went by as quickly as they always do, I enjoyed my stale dinners and outdated movies, and finally landed for my day-long layover in Singapore.

In no exaggeration, Singapore totally blew my socks off. Now, let’s get one thing clear- I’m not the most well-traveled woman, in a good year I fly on about five roundtrip domestic flights, but I’ve been trying to expand my horizons and go out of my comfort zone in 2017, by exactly 9,279 miles.

During this 14 hour layover, I checked into my airport hotel (which was far nicer than the high-end hotels we have in my hometown, by the way) changed into my DEKKO Wearable Art tights in Zebra paired with a tight fit athletic top, windbreaker, and sandals, and jumped into the bustling city life in Singapore. On a bus tour of the city’s biggest attractions, I was able to squeeze in a butterfly garden, walking nature exhibit, the “Largest Ferris Wheel in the World,” and the country’s famous mall lion.

The weather was touch and go, and dreary for most of the day, but that didn’t stop me. I was surprised at how warm my DEKKO tights kept me. Contrary to what I had expected, the tight-knit fabric keeps cool breezes out while still allowing your skin to breath.

What most impressed me about Singapore was how green it was. I don’t mean eco-friendly, although I did learn that they have many laws limiting carbon emissions, but actual plant life everywhere. The Singapore people love plants. Inside the airport there were multiple gardens, some of the highest traffic attractions in the entire country were gardens, and in the city and on highways, they let greenery grow everywhere it possibly could without obstructing. My breath was taken away. *Seen here wearing DEKKO Wearable Art Tights in "Lyra" and "Zebra."

One more long flight later and I was FINALLY in Australia, Cairns to be exact. The first thing I learned was that it is pronounced “cans,” thanks to the numerous signs directly outside of the customs exit. You gotta love a country that does not play about its name. We got in late, but I could hardly sleep thinking about where I was going the next day and what I was going to wear (and possibly due to jet lag, but I’ll leave that out for dramatic effect.)

The day had finally come. The one must-see adventure on my list- the Great Barrier Reef. I threw on a white bikini paired with DEKKO’s Wearable Art Tights in "Paradise" (fitting, I know) and jumped in the car for the boat dock where I would sail for an hour before even arriving at the outskirts of the reef.

If I thought Singapore took my breath away, the GBR left me dead. I could not get over it. The view is so absolutely stunning, myself and all 100+ other tourists ready for a day at the reef had completely forgotten about our seasick hour of boating as soon as we got within eyeshot.

The Paradise tights were the perfect selection for the day. The blue hues were almost an exact reflection of the multicolored waters of the reef. Numerous times people stopped me to compliment them and to tell me that they reminded them of the reef. Their wicking made it so easy to take on and off between scuba diving sessions. Not once was I that person with a wet behind wishing I had a change of clothes. I felt free to run about the pontoon that lives on the reef, not a care in the world. I honestly cannot thank DEKKO enough for being such a large part of why that was possible.

Even during our downtime in Cairns, we were constantly exploring the artsy neighborhood surrounding the hotel. I loved seeing other people also wearing clothing that expressed themselves. One of my favorite places was the market, which was something like an American flea market but with higher quality products and more souvenirs than we could pack. My choice of DEKKO Wearable Art Tights in "Les Jambas" was the perfect pair for this colorful destination. 

What’s really remarkable about Australia, among many other things, is their apparent effort to promote healthy lifestyles. On our final day in Cairns, after checking out of the hotel, I walked down the Esplanade boardwalk looking for coffee, where there were small recreational areas every couple hundred feet. The park was top-notch, and locals told me that this wasn’t even the best one in the area! It is so inspiring to see the country caring so much for the health of its people, and creating these fun spaces for kids and adults alike to enjoy the beautiful outdoor weather and views. We spent some time playing on the equipment, totally comfortable and stylish in DEKKO’s Wearable Art Tights in "Zebra", paired with the Wearable Art Tank in "Octo".


Right before heading to the airport, we also stopped in at the Cairns Aquarium, in all DEKKO of course. The vast array of animals in such a concentrated area is mind-boggling. Australia is teeming with life.

By far my favorite thing about DEKKO- the way it travels. There’s no worse feeling than sitting in a cramped airplane with your waistband digging into your stomach. DEKKO feels as though it forms to the exact contours of your body. In fact, after our 6-hour flight from Cairns to Sydney, I still did not have any markings on my skin from the tights. The combination of comfort and confidence is a priceless feeling.


In Sydney, we decided to tone it down and go on some less athletic adventures- but that didn’t stop us from getting styled up in DEKKO. The tights, totes, and tops were surprisingly versatile, and I loved being able to style the same pieces down for daytime and then quickly spruce them up before our evening dinners.

What better way to kick off this last leg of the trip but to lay on the beach? I had been contemplating Manly Beach or Bondi beach, thinking there was only time to visit one. We finally settled on Manly, which required a windy ferry ride that took us right past the Sydney Opera House. DEKKO clad in my Love Grows tank, denim shorts, and Night Shift tote, I was ready to stick my toes in the water and bask in the sun. The winds are high enough to keep you cool in the hot spring sun, but low enough not to blow your hair every which way, an ideal day.

I used my DEKKO "Night Shift" tote as a pillow, and my "Love Grows" tank as shade for my face as I laid in the golden sand and caught up on work. This is truly the nature of the way we do things at DEKKO, we’re flexible people, living real lives, working hard to perfect products that are made for others just like us. Just as we hope DEKKO helps you to lead original, inspired lives, DEKKO inspires us to also pursue our most artful lives. After all, we are all just an ongoing work in progress.

Of course, I couldn’t end the trip without paying a visit to the infamous Sydney Opera House. The building and its unique architecture have such a rich history you can feel it vibrate in your soul as you walk the building. The architect was a seemingly ordinary man, who took a risk to reach success. This is my happy place, learning about how others chased their dreams and took chances. We all left that day feeling a little more inspired and ready to channel this newfound energy into ourselves and our creativity.

Leaving this incredible country was sad, and as I sit here on my flight home, reliving all these memories as I write, I can’t help but feel intense gratefulness for this life that we live. I hope that we at DEKKO can help others to remember to feel this way too. Life is so good.

That’s the thing about trips like this- you return home feeling rejuvenated, with an awoken appreciation for the rest of the world and all it has to offer. It was so empowering to be able to express my creativity through my style, literally all around the world.

Here’s to many more adventures in DEKKO’s ever-changing wearable art collection. 

, Savannah


A copywriter, content creator, and self-proclaimed realist, Savannah is navigating through life on the southwest coast of Florida. In her fourth year of the “real world,” she has worked in production management, product sourcing, social media management, and has finally settled into writing full-time. She is a firm believer in embracing an artful life, and thus is constantly craving new writing projects that spark her curiosity. In her down time, you can find Savannah with a coffee in hand, trying new things (most recently- indoor rock climbing,) making jewelry for fun or reading her guilty pleasure, self-help books. We adore our Savannah. - DEKKO


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