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Kristin Burnett | Principle Artist | DEKKO Art StudioHey you! I'm Kristin, the founder and principal artist of DEKKO Art. 
DEKKO Art officially launched in July 2017, and much of the art you see in DEKKO's collections was actually created beginning in November 2016, when I traded my corporate digital design job at Nike World Headquarters for a much riskier pursuit... freedom.

Did I find it? You bet your ass!

The joy of a warm cup of coffee, a blank canvas and the time to let it all just happen is beyond my ability to communicate. Let's just say; it's fucking amazing.

At its core, DEKKO Art is my commitment to you! I promise to always be genuine and transparent; to continue taking risks with my work; to create art that is authentic; to offer functional, unique and cool products that you want and will enjoy; to keep living an artful life, DEKKO Style. 



Contact Me:  @dekkoartstudio | | @kristinsburnett